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  • E-gift cards
  • Package pricing
  • Swarovski crystal and 24 karat gold acupressure ear seeds 
  • Corporate & Community Wellness Programs- Auricular acupressure/acupuncture and cupping services with a 

        wellness presentation are offered in a group setting at corporate offices, community spaces, medical centers, 

        yoga studios, fitness centers, and health expos.  

        Email or call (424) 279.4009 for additional information.


           (must complete a telehealth consult first or be an existing patient)

  • Services in the clinic are on hold until further notice.  This is to help flatten the curve and reduce transmission

        of COVID-19.  If you purchased a package, remaining sessions are on your account for future use.

  • Telehealth video consults for acupressure, gua sha, nutrition, and herbal consultations are available.  

​        Email or call (424) 279.4009 for additional information.